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Change Blindness

In science & nature, words & phrases on April 9, 2011 at 3:59 pm

In visual perception, change blindness is a normal phenomenon of the brain which show in light that the brain does not have a precise representation of the world but a lacunar one, made of partial details. Despite the name, this phenomenon does not affect the eyes but the brain.  The brain estimates the importance and usefulness of informations prior to deciding to store them or not. Change blindness may be related to other induced failures of awareness, such as inattentional blindness. A crucial difference is that successful change detection in the presence of a visual disruption requires a comparison of one image to another one held in memory. Consequently, change blindness can occur due to to a failure to compare the relevant information from the current scene to the representation. Models of visual short term memory may be important for understanding the phenomenon.

a short video on you tube – Change Blindness; you cannot be aware of everything.

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