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Gemstone File

In history, wild card on September 3, 2011 at 8:04 am

The Gemstone File is a series of documents by the American writer Bruce Porter Roberts (1919–1976). The best-known document is probably the 23-page “A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File”, written by Stephanie Caruana in 1975, which presents a brief, undocumented series of claims that conspiracies and suppressed information played a major role in shaping world events since the 1950s. In particular, this document named three individuals as the shooters of President John F. Kennedy, and suggested connections between a number of political assassinations which occurred within a relatively short time frameThe Gemstone File proposes that Aristotle Onassis, Joseph P. Kennedy, and other prominent figures were involved in various schemes to forward a vast global conspiracy, involving the Mafia and corrupt politicians, brutal oil and drug cartels, rogue military operations, and more. It also posits that early in 1957, Aristotle Onassis had Howard Hughes kidnapped from his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow; that Hughes suffered a massive brain injury during the forcible kidnapping, and that Hughes was subsequently a virtual prisoner of Onassis on Skorpios and injected regularly with morphine, while Onassis took over the operation of Hughes’s considerable financial affairs, including airlines and U.S. defense contracting. At the time, Onassis had a permanent suite rented at the same hotel, along with his many other residences around the globe. Thus he was a “neighbor” of Howard Hughes, and in a position to conceive of, plan, and have the kidnap executed more readily.

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