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In art, technology & innovatons on January 20, 2011 at 10:37 pm

the layout


FrankenCircuit is the result of an enormous collaboration of over 19 artists, musicians, scientists, computer programmers and engineers. At a superficial level, the Frankenstein reference is obvious, such as in the aesthetics of the FrankenSwitch.  But beyond that, there are issues raised by Mary Shelley’s classic tale that are as controversial today as they were 200 years ago.

The Creature

Electricity, controlled from a single knife switch, animates seven distinct kinetic sculptures, compiled from repurposed mechanical parts and electrical circuitry. Their sounds are amplified through a sound system and mixed with precomposed electroacoustic music, to create a unified sonic environment that serves to dislocate the individual sounds from their physical placement. Work ranges from high tech microprocessor controlled circuitry to low tech mechanistic devices that are at the mercy of friction. The pieces, created independent of one another, are united in their collective sound and in the source of their animation.

The Artists

Martin Back
James Brody
Tristan C hambers
Töped Emoh
Walter Gordy
Stephen Guerin
Tory Hughes
Philip Mantione
David Enoch McPherson
Simon Mehalek
Flamingo Pink!
Zevin Polzin
Ismael Retzinski
Frank Joseph
Rolla Alysse
Stepanian Steina
Woody Vasulka
Dr. Woohoo

The Performers

Martin Back
James Brody
Vince Kadlubek
Flamingo Pink!
Ismael Retzinski
Frank Rolla

via FrankenCircuit.


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